Singapore Food Galore

A fusion of Western and Asian culinary, Singapore food encompasses an endless list of diverse possibilities springing from the multitude of races and cultures in the country. Some of the most iconic dishes of Singapore include the hot and spicy Fish Head Curry, Chilli Crab, the aromatic barbecued Satay, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Rojak.

Local food is relatively cheap if you head for the hawker centers or air-conditioned food courts that are scattered in every part of the island. Each meal can cost as little as $4. The strong presence of well-known western fast food chains like MacDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, Pizza Hut, Carl’s Junior etc, makes fast food an easily accessible choice as well. A meal at these restaurants typically costs $5 to $7. With a bigger budget, you may want to choose from a mind-boggling array of fine international cuisines from American, Greek, Mexican, and Italian to Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Thai that abound in shopping malls and hotels.

The annual month-long Singapore Food Festival organized to promote Singapore’s best food and finest cuisine to the world, starts in July and presents an excellent opportunity for travelers to be introduced to the eclectic mix of cuisines in Singapore. Keep an eye out for this tantalizing event!

Be spoilt for choice in this Gourmet Paradise - Singapore.

Be spoilt for choice in this Gourmet Paradise – Singapore.

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