The Scape Park

The Scape Park, the most favourite hangout for the youth in Singapore, is a two-hectare land space just located just next to Cineleisure Orchard, a lifestyle complex frequent by young people, a stone’s throw away from the Somerset MRT station.

Its five-storey building is equipped with facilities such as basketball court, recording and rehearsal studios, a dance studio, multimedia studio for music creation and band practice, an art gallery and a performance theatre, a multi-purpose auditorium for culture and education programs, all built by the authorities as an aim to engage and activate the creative energy and passion of the youth in Singapore. Set aside as a community space to congregate and network, the youth park holds all kinds of events catered to youthful interests there – an outdoor playground for street sports and performances, local music bands, gigs, and street parties. Here is also where one of the most popular flea markets takes place – the weekly Scape Bazaar organized by the youth (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Not only is Scape a great venue for the youth to hang out, meet up friends, shop, it offers great entrepreneurial opportunities as well. They can rent a table space from as low as $50 to sell T-shirts, fashion accessories, gadgets, knick knacks, hand-made collectibles, and etc.

This may be a community space dedicated to the local youth, but many foreigners and tourists who have checked out the place for excellent bargains of wide-ranged souvenirs are much inspired by its iconic concept of entertainment, cultural, entrepreneurial, education and recreational hub specially for the youths, and by how the government have been able to successfully engage them in so many creative ways all in one place. Don’t feel out of place if you are not in your 20s, it’s a definitely a choice of destination in Singapore to quickly discover and understand the local youth’s activities, their latest fashion, culture, dreams and ambitions.

Address of The Scape Park:
2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

scape park image Scape Park, a bona fide youth hangout sanctuary.

scape park image
Scape Park, a bona fide youth hangout sanctuary.

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