Maritime Experiential Museum

 maritimemuseumMaritime Experiential Museum at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore is a small exhibition showcasing Southeast Asia’s Maritime trade history and archaeology during the 9th to 19th century. Visitors can learn about and Singapore’s past as an important trading port in the 14th century and the various vessels used, goods traded and traders from different countries, and specifically Admiral Zheng He’s Treasure Ship (Bao Chuan) and his epic voyages from China to the ‘Western Ocean. With the multimedia informative displays, the museum offers a welcome break from the usual still and quiet exhibits expected of most museums. Visitors are taken on an educational, ancient Maritime Silk Route journey filled with the bustling sights and sounds of busy bazaars. During the trip, precious artifacts from shipwrecks and a prominent life-sized historical ship replica of an Asian sailing vessel which forms a central part of the exhibit can be viewed. The voyage ends with a nail-biting encounter of a treacherous storm on a sailing ship in the much lauded 360º multimedia Typhoon Theatre.

Experience Asia’s rich maritime history.

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