Eat Fluffy Kueh Tutu

Kueh Tutu, the traditional Malya Kuey (which means cake in Malay), may be fast disappearing from the food scene of Singapore, but for many locals, it remains to be a favourite, nostalgic dish that brings back fond memories of their childhood and the street snacks in the 1970s. Made from baked white rice flour, Tutu is a delicious round-shaped steamed cake placed on an aromatic pandan leaf and filled with desiccated coconut mixed with melted brown sugar or sugared ground peanut. According to some history account, the name “Tutu” was derived from the “tu-tu” sound of the steamer used for steaming the cake. However, if you look at the pattern on the cake, it actually looks like a ballerina’s tutu! Taste best when they are steaming hot, these mini cakes are usually eaten as a dessert or a mid-afternoon or even mid-night snack.

Today, many stalls seem to have moved with the times and tried to please the palate of the younger generation by innovating and offering other types of filling such as gula melaka (brown palm sugar), chocolate, blueberry, and even durian. A box of 5 costs about $2.50. You can find stalls selling these Tutus in some hawker centres and shopping centres but the most well-known store perhaps would be:

Tan’s Tutu Coconut Cake
Block 449 Clementi Avenue 3


An old man steaming the Tutu cakes at a food centre in Jurong West.



Take a bite into these warm, snowy-white, fluffy rice cakes and savour the sweet fragrant coconut filling.

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