Gardens by the Bay Singapore: The Solar Trees

gardens by the bay image Gardens by the Bay Singapore is a huge attraction for all, tourists and locals. It is hard not to be impressed by the colossal solar trees the moment you step into the Bay South garden. The stupendous forest of mechanical solar-powered canopies, some stretching as high as 50 metres into the sky and each featuring hundreds of species and varieties of live bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowers climbing across its steel framework never fails to draw the woos and wows from visitors. They look more majestic in real life than in pictures. For the locals, walking beneath the towering hi-tech superstructures easily evoke a great sense of pride, the honor of being able to call Singapore their home land. The “skywalks”, the bridges adjoining several of supertrees allow visitors to stroll and admire the gardens from a bird’s eye view. At night when their trunks and branches are illuminated with myriad of colourful LED lights, these supertrees offer breathtaking night photography! Watch the video below and explore these spectacular stunning trees both by day and by night.

The Majetic Solar Trees, Gardens by the Bay.

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