Most Popular Hawker Food in Singapore

When it comes to the abounding hawker food in Singapore, being a foreigner, do you find yourself too afraid or hesitant to buy anything that you come across. And even with the posters of the food hung in front of the stalls, you still wonder much what exactly those dishes are. Don’t you wish you have a Singapore food menu that tells you exactly what food you can expect from all the strange sounding names of food you see in the hawker center, complete with pictures that can help you anticipate what’s in the food? Here you have it, some of the most popular food you can find in the hawker food center. Get acquainted, see what might well please your palate, and be ready to give it a go once you chance upon any of them! Go beyond the familiar roasted chicken rice stalls, you may not like what you taste after all, but that it’s really the best way to better understand the local palate.

The all-too-familiar barbequed meats are readily availableā€¦but Singapore can offer much more than theseā€¦


18 Most Popular Hawker Food – What’s What

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Fragrant steamed rice with slices of steamed chicken served with ginger lemon chilli.
Roti Prata
food-in-singapore-2An Indian flat bread with crisp crust and eaten with a small dish of curry gravy.
Nasi Lemakfood-in-singapore-17Steamed coconut rice with fried ikan bilis (tiny fish), peanuts and sweet chilli.
Mee Siam
food-in-singapore-16Rice noodle with thick, spicy ground peanut chilli gravy.
Fried Kway Teow
food-in-singapore-3Noodles made of rice flour fried with black soy sauce and sweet sauce, usually served with fresh clams.
Loh Mee
food-in-singapore-4Noodles soaked in thick, black soy sauce gravy made of Chinese spices and served together with ingredients such as fish, meat and egg.
Hokkein Mee
food-in-singapore-5A mix of wheat and rice noodles fried with prawns, squids and egg.
food-in-singapore-6Marinated meat barbecued on bamboo sticks served with a thick sweet ground peanut gravy dip.
food-in-singapore-7A “crazy” salad that combines pineapple, turnip, cucumber, bean sprouts, ground peanut, fried dough, fried bean curd, lime juice, and black prawn paste.
Fried Carrot Cake
food-in-singapore-8Steamed white radish cake cut into small cubes and fried with garlic, black sweet sauce and egg. Opt for no sweet sauce if you prefer salty to sweet

Fried Oyster Egg
food-in-singapore-9A stir-fried dish that primarily comprises egg, starch and fresh oysters.
Fish Head Curry
food-in-singapore-10Fish head curry pairs well steamed rice.
Mee Rebus
food-in-singapore-16Noodles with gravy made of dried tiny prawns and spices and eaten with bean sprouts, fried bean curd and green chilli.
Bean Curd
food-in-singapore-18Fresh smooth silky bean curd that melts in your mouth.
food-in-singapore-11 A cold dessert made up shaved ice, red beans, black grass jelly, brown sugar and coconut milk.
Ice Kachang
food-in-singapore-12A colourful sweet dessert that contains ingredients such as red bean, sweet corn, jelly, and syrup, all hidden beneath an ice mountain.
Cheng Teng
food-in-singapore-13A sweet dessert with dried longan fruits, jelly, barley seeds, sago, gingko nuts, and white fungus.
Bo Bo Char Char
food-in-singapore-14A dessert with a memorable name – made of coconut milk, steamed yam and sweet potatoe cubes, and chewy colourful jelly.

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