East Coast Park – The Sand, the Sun, and the Sea

If you love the sun, the sand and the sea, the East Coast Park, the largest park in Singapore is our best recommendation.

There are full of interesting activities to do there – picnic, barbecue, jogging, sandcastle building, swimming, wind surfing, dining, indulging at the seafood restaurants. Pick up a skill from an afternoon of bowling, water sporting, in-line skating, kite-flying, fishing, and the list goes on. For those who prefer biking to strolling on the hot sunny beach, bikes are available for rental from the many bicycle kiosks dotted along the beach. Offering a wide range of facilities – food outlets, holiday chalets, sports amenities, recreation and entertainment centers, large open space, the East Coast beach is a great place for both adults and children to exercise, relax and have fun during the weekends or holidays!


 Despite the sweltering heat, I can spend hours here, building castles after castles for the beautiful princesses like me!



 Catch a breath of fresh air at the beach, away from hustle of the city!



 Immerse in the serenity and beauty of the beach as the day closes, a lovely sense of peacefulness at dusk.

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